Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring solutions for plants, quarries, farming and factories seeking better control and higher performance.

With a proven track record in the concept, design and installation Remote Monitoring systems Gordyn & Palmer can show how you can eliminate costly manual processes, machinery and deliveries costs and have a system that grows and adapts with your operation.

Having already created Remote Monitoring systems for an extensive range of plants and factories in Australia and overseas, Gordyn & Palmer are happy to advise and consult with you on which system service solution would suit your purpose best.

Below are just some of the benefits clients have shared with us on why they chose a Remote Global Monitoring system from Gordyn & Palmer.

•They eliminate a lot of time consuming and sometimes-dangerous manual processes in their plant
•They saved money and time and reduced the number of human errors
•They are able to record, maintain and measure temperatures in their plant
•They minimized the risk of their staff and their plant as they can monitor liquid and dry goods silo levels in their holding, feeding tanks, reservoirs and other storage tanks effectively, accurately and automatically
•They’ve increased production as they can monitor and record crucial information from machinery set up times to daily production output
•They’re more efficient due to the fact they can measure output and run time of their machinery and equipment
•They’re able to identify any irregularities and avoid potential machinery maintenance before it becomes a problem
•They’re able to measure their energy usage for improved and sustainable environmental management and production

Whether you need to monitor silo levels in one location or monitor machinery outputs at one hundred locations, call us on 03 9703 2477 or Contact Us for more detailed information.

Reliable and Innovative Silo Level Monitoring Systems

Through its combination of experience, technical competence and professionalism Gordyn & Palmer Silo Monitoring systems enable you to automatically monitor and track the silo levels and flow of liquid or dry goods for your farm, plant, factory or quarry, while also verifying the correct weights are being delivered by your suppliers.

Of course each of our Global Monitoring and Silo systems can be customised to your specific plants needs and are designed to grow and adapt with your operation.

This ensures you increase production, eliminate the time and sometimes-dangerous practice of checking silo levels manually and have a reliable and accurate silo measuring system in place to maximise your plants efficiency.

To find out in more detail how our vast experience in silo monitoring systems will benefit you call 03 9703 2477 or Contact Us.
Real Time Temperature Monitoring of cool rooms and boiler rooms via WebPages.

As one of the few companies experienced enough to deliver the “Total Temperature Monitoring Solution package’” a temperature monitoring system will help you maintain and identify irregularities in the temperature of your boiler or cold rooms and other key areas before they cause damage and become costly problems to your operation or product.

With an innovative and expert team we’re able to give you the tools and temperature monitoring system allowing you to monitor and control your cold rooms and boiler rooms for maximum productivity, safety and quality.

For more information about any of our Temperature monitoring system services please call us on 03 9703 2477 or Contact Us.
Real Time Production monitoring and reporting on production data, monitoring and analysis
To date, our real time production and monitoring systems have helped our client’s avoid problems with production machinery, minimise human errors, increase productivity and eliminate many of the time consuming manual data collection processes in key areas of their operation for almost instant monitoring and analysis purposes.

A standard or customised production and monitoring system from Gordyn & Palmer is a practical and cost effective method to identifying a wide range of variables from how long it takes to set up machinery and the operators output, to the collection and analysis of your days, week or months production.