Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Generally speaking how long would it take to have a switchboard designed and installed in my plant or factory?

A. Depending on your specific needs, you could have a customised switchboard designed and installed in your factory, quarry or plant in as little as six weeks no matter where you are in Australia.

Q2: Name four benefits I’d get if I used any of your services?


01. From a production point of view we’ll show you how you can reduce excessive and costly manual labour production processes.

02. If you’d like to expand, we can help you with an industrial automation system and the electrical expertise so your plant, quarry or factory can expand. This would also benefit your production levels.

03. You’ll also receive peace of mind because you’ll know you have engaged a reputable contractor that is built on building on relationships who’s there to help and eliminate risk to your business or operation through smart and reliable technological solutions.

04. With qualified staff, engineers and electrical tradespeople available for 24/7 support and periodic maintenance you won’t have to explain every problem and detail over and over. You’ll receive quality and reliability, with hassle-free implementation and reduce your costs so you can grow and remain competitive in today’s competitive business world.

For finer detail about how your particular operation, factory or plant will benefit phone us on 1300 467 396 today or contact us.

Q3: What makes you different from your competitors?

Well as you know everyone has their own opinion on that so below are some of the most common reasons customers tell us they’ve decided to use us.
• They like the fact that we are a wholly Australian owned private company that’s been in operation since 1979 and that we’ve achieved that with our ongoing commitment to excellence, quality and value for money.
• We’ve also won many national electrical awards and while the recognition as the leader in our field is great, our customers tell us that what’s sets us apart from our competition as we listen to them and work with them.
• No two people or projects are the same. Whether your contract is small or large, simple or complex, be assured you will receive the highest level of attention.
• Industrial and electrical specialist’s not generalists We specialise in electrical engineering solutions, industrial plant automation systems and electrical installations and have a well known and respected reputation as the “knowledgeable organisation delivering excellence through innovation” in Australia and overseas.
• Australian Manufacture some customers like the fact that while other electrical contractors may use bolt together imported product for switchboards as an example, we custom manufacture switchboards in Australia, designed to your specific requirements. This delivers our customer with a higher quality, durable and reliable product, which also supports the local and Australian economy, keeps people employed and keeps business and industry moving forward.

Q4: How much does it cost?

A. It’s understandable many production plants and factories delay the research and implementation of new technology and production processes because of the unknown cost.
A great example of this is a our client, Alex Fraser Concrete and Asphalt Recycling facility, who once they sourced our services achieved a 50% cost savings per tonne due to better use of electrical power and crushing plant layout. 

While we don’t know your specific circumstance yet, what we can say is with our industrial electrical fitouts and over 30 years experience of providing the complete service solution to a vast scope of manufacturing and production customers, you’ll be ensuring the longevity, productivity and reliability of your plant. These in turn will also benefit your operational costs and deliver savings and it costs nothing to talk so call 1300 467 396 today or contact us.

Q5: How exactly can Gordyn & Palmer help me as a quarry, plant or factory owner?

A. We can educate, consult, advise and coordinate with you and your team on total industrial automation systems, production processes, electrical engineering and electrical installation services that help improve efficiency, safety and speed in your operation.
Our services will also enable you to identify your present production or electrical concerns where we will work with you to design solutions that will grow with your plant for the future.
Why not call us to arrange a visit to one of our client sites and talk directly with the managers who benefit from our new automated production systems or full electrical installations?
Click the products link of your interest below to discover more about our automated products and services, or call us on: 1300 467 396 for immediate personal service and friendly advice.