Mining and Quarry Automation

Mining & Quarry Automation Benefits

The Quarry Automation System (with PC interface) tracks every step along the product’s path – from intake, through blending control, to truck outloading.

A Quarry Automation system:

•Produces crushed rock products within strict quality guidelines
•Offers real time performance monitoring and usage monitoring
•Maximises production efficiencies and running costs
•Offers full product traceability
•Prevents product contamination
•Has Alarm reporting – showing day, date, and time of acknowledgment, and
•Offers comprehensive management reporting on truck, customer, delivery site, and progressive/total tonnes.

See Plant Control or Quarry Automation in Process

View how G&P hardware and software electrical solutions have helped create an energy-efficient $44m concrete crushing plant (link to Video 1 – Alex Fraser).

Or refer to our list of industrial plants where a Automated Plant Control System or Process Control System has been commissioned.

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