Switchboard Design & Construction


Gordyn & Palmer is one of the few companies who custom make industrial switchboards to client specifications.

We also supply Motor Control Centres, Switchgear Assemblies and High & Low Voltage Power Distribution Centres, as well as offering installation and upgrade services.

Important features of our Switchboard design:

  • We only use high quality materials in switchboards, leading to longer life of boards.
  • All switchboards comply with IEC & Australian Standards.
  • Our innovative switchboard design means they are user-friendly for operators and very safe.

Customer Satisfaction

Gordyn & Palmer’s commitment to customer satisfaction means that customised switchboards or electrical systems are made with the customer’s everyday operations in mind.

Prevent Downtime and Loss of Production Caused by Electrical Failures

A thermal scan is a good preventative maintenance measure for switchboards. This scan uses a heat sensitive camera to highlight hot spots in an electrical system, showing varying colours that relate to exact temperatures.

You see heat is often a clear indicator of problems in an electrical system and its components. The heat could signify loose connections or many other things. If left unchecked, overheating of electrical components could lead to a costly breakdown, down time and in rare instances, fire.

We recommend clients have their electrical systems scanned on an annual basis as part of their preventative maintenance program and to ensure maximum productivity.